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Our vision for a united and prosperous South Africa

The Land Party believes in a South Africa that is inclusive and welcoming. A South Africa where everyone is looked after and 100% equal in all respects. A South Africa that has high quality health care and provides education for all, no matter your income or financial situation. A South Africa that protects its citizens, its people and the environment. A South Africa that plays an active role as global citizens. We must be a South Africa that tackles the ever growing gap between the rich and the poor as this is the only way we will win the fight against poverty and inequality.


The Land Party endeavours to capture state power in such a way that it can build a strong, viable and economic environment for all citizens. The Economy is central to our manifesto, and the backbone of the Land Party’s vision for building a stable South Africa for all.

Radically opening up and reforming our economy will attract investment and create equal and sustainable  opportunity for more people to create wealth.

People need to get to work, but they need the freedom and opportunity to create wealth in an environment conducive to empowering people to become self-sustainable.

LAND PARTY will create a unified National Education Service (NES) for South Africa to move towards free cradle-to-grave learning, built on the principle that ‘Education Matters’ 

LAND PARTY’s NHC South Africa will have highly trained staff, state-of-the-art facilities and access to modern technology that will enable the service providers to deliver quality healthcare to all South Africans.

LAND PARTY’s approach to policing crime will be different. We would like to see every citizen to be a police officer in their own right and champion restorative justice to ensure safer and more proactive communities.

Land Party will protect and provide services to every individual that resides in South Africa regardless of their gender, race, religion, culture or birthplace to live a life with dignity.

LAND PARTY will do everything possible to protect the security of South Africa and appoint global ambassadors dedicated to women’s rights, LGBTQI rights and religious freedom to fight discrimination and promote equality, globally.

We will fight for state-owned land to be released to the people and implement programmes to build economically and ecologically sustainable eco-homes with infrastructure to grow food using renewable energy resources such as solar, wind and water power.

LAND PARTY will offer fair rules and reasonable management of migration. Our priorities favour growth, jobs and prosperity, as well as the protection of freedom of movement.

Meet Chief Leader Gcobani Ndzongana

With his razor-sharp mind, overwhelming strength of character, loving heart and sheer determination, the hugely respected community leader, social activist and hero to the poor and working class people of South Africa, Gcobani Ndzongana has been elected as the Land Party Chief Leader.

 The people’s dictatorship we are talking   about is about people's power. We

are talking about taking the money back to the people. When workers earn a good living wage, then the country will grow and poverty will be eradicated and education and quality of life will improve.

Gcobani Ndzongana


People Empowerment


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