Global South Africa





LAND PARTY will do everything possible to protect the security of South Africa. It is unrealistic for any one country to undertake to resolve global problems single-handedly.


  • LAND PARTY will exhaust diplomatic solutions in international, regional and local partnership, in compliance with International laws.

  • A modern and inclusive strategy will be implemented to unite foreign policy instruments of diplomacy, defence and development.


War, Terrorism and Military Intervention has been the cause of death, injuries and the displacement of millions in Africa and the Middle East. Syria has suffered the loss of some 400 000 citizens due to recent interventions.


LAND PARTY commits to labour endlessly to contribute to the end of conflict, re-establish diplomacy and avail resources in bringing those that commit war crimes to book.


  • We will investigate circumstances in order to end the suffering brought upon people of war stricken countries.

  • We endeavour to share strategies on both conflict prevention and peace building in the countries that have suffered recent conflicts.

  • LAND PARTY will appoint a Minister for Peace and Disarmament to facilitate diplomatic relations.

  • LAND PARTY will work towards comprehensive peace in the Middle East based on a two state solution, which entails a secure Israel alongside a secure and viable Palestine state without military intervention, promoting diplomatic peaceful resolutions and negotiations.

  • LAND PARTY will recognise the Palestine State with immediate effect, when it comes into rule.

  • We will promote political negotiations in countries enduring conflict such as Libya, Nigeria, Sudan, South Sudan, Yemen and Kashmir.

  • LAND PARTY will extend continuous support to countries focussing on ending divisions internally such as Columbia, Cypress and the DRC.

  • LAND PARTY insists on multilateral political dialogue to relieve tensions in the regions of the Korean Peninsula and South China Sea.

  • LAND PARTY will engage China, Egypt, the Gulf States, Myanmar, the Philippines and others to uphold human rights and the rule of law.

  • LAND PARTY will review all relations with repressive regimes, so as to never collude in the mistreatment of civilians.

  • We will work tirelessly to meet all requirements in accordance with the Paris Agreement in terms of climate change, reducing emissions and mitigating the impact of climate change on developing countries.

  • LAND PARTY will partner internationally in building support for UN reform, making its institutions more effective and responsive.


LAND PARTY will appoint global ambassadors dedicated to women’s rights, LGBTQI rights and religious freedom to fight discrimination and promote equality, globally.


LAND PARTY calls for a defence security policy that offers sustainable implementation to protect citizens from any potential interference at any given time, as is the case of all governments prioritising defence and security protection.


  • LAND PARTY will order a complete strategic review of defence and security.

  • We will asses emerging threats from all potential platforms, including cyber warfare.

  • LAND PARTY ensures integrating Cyber security into the defence and security strategy.

  • We will introduce a Cyber-security Charter for companies involved with the Defence Ministry.

  • We will enforce properly equipped armed forces, capable of responding to any security threat, supported by sufficient resources.

  • LAND PARTY will integrate UN peacekeeping and pledge allegiance to the UN Emergency Peace Service.

We commit to ensuring global and regional security in continuous cooperation with the AU in all operational missions possible.




The LAND PARTY shall:


Through pragmatic and progressive economic policy, individual freedom, and in harmony with nature, establish a prosperous society of people based on social justice and shared opportunities.


Freedom doesn’t equal immediate wealth, but we believe that it is better to live in an environment where you are provided with the freedom to create your own wealth, even though you might make some mistakes along the way.


The more rules and regulations you have, the less important it becomes for people to distinguish between what is right and wrong. We want to give people the opportunity to have that freedom, and to make mistakes and learn from them. We want to provide them the support, education and resources necessary to become wealthy through hard work and effective use of the opportunities that will be made available to them through a Land-led government. Our ultimate plan is to reform, open up and strengthen the economy by providing people with the individual freedom and opportunities to become prosperous and actively contributing members of society.


The LAND PARTY subscribes to the following values in all its endeavours:


  1. Respect for the community of life

  2. Honesty

  3. Integrity

  4. Trust

  5. Consultation

  6. Solidarity

  7. Dignity


The LAND PARTY seeks to reorder the political and economic institutions and systems domestically and globally.


We have to deal with the damage from the years of government corruption we have had to endure. We will broadly seek to reform, open up and grow the economy, eradicate poverty, opportunities for all the people of South Africa to become wealthy and self-sustainable, skills development, gender equality, safety and research. It will establish programmes that will ensure that within the first 2 years of taking power that the following is achieved:


  1. Food security - encouraging modern, scientific agricultural practices, and providing the necessary support, technological resources, scientific research and education to encourage people to get involved in agriculture with the ultimate goal of strengthening the economy while eliminating food wastage and the discarding of surplus produce.

  2. Housing security - where private property rights are strengthened, allocation of state resources are dealt with strategically through referendum and homes are designed to people’s specifications.

  3. People development - Education that is ongoing, progressive and emphasizing the reconstruction and development of family and service to society. Creating and maintaining skills development for a move to modern technology and science.

  4. A modern, technologically savvy supportive state that responds to the people’s legitimate demand for prosperity and opportunity creation.

  5. Crime eradication and all forms of deviance through social interventions, corrective rehabilitation and victim oriented punishment.

  6. Economic prosperity through freedom of opportunity so that people become self-sustainable and wealthy, and through free trade agreements, and rapid industrialization. Allocation of state resources shall be utilized in a rational, consultative and inclusive manner with due regard to the dictates of justice and equal opportunity. It shall reconfigure the banking system to be more people-centred.

  7. Foreign policy that is people-centred, educative and principled.

  8. Environmental Justice – ensuring all programmes are in harmony with nature and conscious of the limited capacity of the planet to sustain us.

  9. Human Rights - Implementation of the remaining rights encapsulated in the current South African Bill of Rights and other universally respected HR documents which shall be prioritized by public participation. Apportion justice and material resources on an equitable and just basis.