Land expropriation without compensation through people's referendum. The LAND Party does not support the current Land Expropriation Bill as it is not a pragmatic solution to the Land question. The referendum question is 'Do you, as a law-abiding citizen of South Africa, support land expropriation without compensation?

Vote Yes or No'.




1. The farmers must give portions of the land in their possession to farm workers, instead of having productive farms expropriated and given to the corrupt political elite, their families, and friends, who do not have interest in agriculture and farming.

2. The LAND Party will enforce collective farming and no individual will be allowed to own more than 53 hectares of Land. The people must work the land as a group.

3. Farms that are currently owned by trusts must invest in surrounding communities by means of supporting Early Childhood Development programmes, offering scholarships, and building homes for the surrounding communities.

4. Encourage communities to contribute to food security by producing their own food by providing support to small scale farmers.




1. All citizens must own property of no less than 500m2 and be in possession of title deeds.

2. We must declare informal structures, like shacks, as inadequate structures to accommodate our people, and try to eradicate informal settlements by building affordable houses for every homeless person, or assisting them to build their own homes.

3. No non-national may own agricultural land unless it is productive and follows all employment equity policies.

4. No non-national may own a second-hand house in our country, but they must be only allowed to invest in the building of new homes.

5. All second homes or holiday homes will be subject to higher taxes.

6. The LAND Party will rebuild some of the RDP houses, in particular those that are single rooms or 2-bedroomed houses.

7. The LAND Party will build new houses for the poor in predominantly white suburbs to end the apartheid spacious planning. This will allow people to reside closer to their places of employment.




1. To restrict foreign home ownership. A foreigner can ONLY buy into a NEW DEVELOPMENT (that will BOOST the CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY!). Meaning we must not allow foreigners to buy second hand properties in our country.

2. No commercial or industrial land will be allowed to lie dormant and unproductive.




1. The LAND Party calls for commercial and small-scale farming to be subsidised.

2. The LAND Party will give tax relief to transformed companies by lowering tax, and providing free electricity and water.

3. All businesses and business owners who invest all their profits back into the country will pay lower taxes.

4. Companies with 100% local staff will be receive incentives like free water, electricity, and tax exemptions.

5. Foreign investors will only be allowed to operate and do business only if they employ locals. They will also benefit from free water and electricity. (same as 2?)

6. We must encourage our people to work for themselves by creating platforms for small businesses to operate without complicated business registration processes. Promote and support micro-enterprises (SMME’s).

7. Corporate and personal taxes will be lowered to a flat 15% and guaranteed for the next 50 years.

8. Property rights will be protected by law and guaranteed to remain intact for at least 50 years.

9. Give ‘easy’ citizenships to people with money wanting to immigrate to South Africa as has been done in Mauritius, Portugal and some Caribbean islands.

10. There must be reparation of previously oppressed, previously disadvantaged and dispossessed citizens of South Africa. This will be the first step in the right direction to leave the past behind us. While we cannot forget the injustices of the past, we must also guard against keeping ourselves in the past. The Land Party must pave a clear path in building South Africa as a communist capable State.

11. The Rand must be backed by Gold.

12. Local food and textile manufacturing will be promoted with reduced taxation benefits as well as free electricity and water.

13. All South Africans will be encouraged to grow Cannabis and Hemp and manufacture hemp products.




1. All businesses must employ a minimum of 90% locals and foreign nationals make only 10%, provided they bring skills that locals do not have.

2. Labour rights must be applied equally across the board to all employees.

3. All citizens must be compelled to work and those who do not work must be sent to the military and serve our nation.

4. All companies who fail to adhere to the labour relations act, will not be allowed to do business in our country.

5. All companies that do not respect labour laws must be heavily penalized, and repeat offenders must not be allowed to operate in our country.




1. Each community must grow its food by encouraging community farming and allow communities to sell their food to the retail companies.

2. Reduce tax for retailers that sell organic foods products and support local small-scale farmers and collective farming programmes.

3. We must invest in collective farming programmes for more production of food and food security.

4. We will minimize IMPORTATION of foods by imposing heavy tax on imported goods.

5. We must prioritize and promote proudly South African chicken, pork and other meat and food products.

6. We must not allow mixed-country meats into the country.

7. Each household in our communities must have a vegetable garden and there must be agricultural programmes to teach people to produce food for themselves.

8. Fishing communities must be assisted to develop their businesses to ensure they benefit from the ocean’s economy and bring fresh food from the ocean. Each family must have fishing rights to harvest abalone and other ocean resources.

9. Nobody who lives inland may be awarded fishing rights.

10. We must decriminalize Abalone to benefit communities and use this lucrative industry to develop and support poor communities.




1. The Land Party will allow state hospitals and clinics more autonomy and convert the Department of Health into a state-funded medical fund for all. Once you reach your limit on your medical fund you will be required to go to a medical training facility for treatment, for “free”.

2. We will ensure there is enough investment in our National Health Care to give patients access to modern, well-resourced services they need in the 21st century.

3. We will ensure patients using the South African NHC services have access to world-class quality of care they need.

4. We will create the NHC South Africa blueprint that will serve to define and uphold the standards of service which patients are legally entitled to.

5. We will guarantee that patients are assisted within four hours.

6. We will stop the routine breach of safe levels of bed occupancy and end mixed-sex wards by ensuring hospitals have the resources they need.

7. We will introduce the Cancer Strategy for South Africa in full by 2030 to improve the lives of people living with cancer.

8. We will end slow ambulance-response times by ensuring they have the proper resources.

9. We will deliver a truly 21st Century healthcare system by focussing resources on services to provide healthcare closer to home.

10. We will devise a new model of healthcare that centres around communities and offers social care and mental health care as well as primary health care.

11. We will increase funding to GP services to ensure patients can access the care they need.

12. We will halt pharmacy cuts and review provision of access to traditional medicines to ensure all patients have access to pharmacy services, particularly in disadvantaged or remote communities.

13. We will provide pensioners with a specialised healthcare plan that will provide free healthcare and access to specialist doctors.

14. We will ensure the most effective new drugs and treatments are available to all NHC South African patients.

15. We will ensure that everyone with chronic conditions, such as diabetes, has the right to a specialised care plan and access to the knowledge they need to manage their condition effectively.

16. We will ensure that people approaching the end of their life receive high-quality, personalised care wherever and whenever they need it and that counselling support is available for their loved ones.

17. We will ensure that NHC South Africa reduces HIV infection by monitoring the effect of the PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) to high-risk groups.

18. We will ensure that all NHC South Africa staff are trained to deal with the relatively new diseases affecting our aged like Alzheimers, Dementia, and Parkinson's.

19. We must allow and encourage competition between private and public health care by making public health care the best health care.

20. SAHPRAH must not be financed nor receive funds from foreign donors but financed by South African businesses. The LAND Party also believe that if SAHPRAH was financed locally, there would not be fears of the Gates foundation influencing our medical experts.

21. Traditional, naturopathic, and homeopathic treatment options must be available from NHC.




1. The LAND Party will invest in Early Childhood Development. We will not compromise on the provision of care and education for babies, toddlers and pre-school children.

2. We will reform the budget for social grants and allocate funds directly to the National Education Service.

3. Children must be vaccinated before being eligible to receive social grants.

4. We will make significant capital investment in both new and existing, formal and informal crèches during our first two years of government to ensure proper facilities are in place and well-resourced as well as that there are enough places to meet the need.

5. We will invest more in child development programmes.

6. We will reward employers who provide childcare services to their staff with reduced taxes.

7. We will include lifelong training in the National Education System to ensure we are able to deliver a suitably qualified workforce that will increase productivity and thereby grow the economy and transform the lives of individuals and communities.

8. We will devolve the responsibility for skills development to local administrations in every corner of South Africa to ensure access for all citizens.

9. We will reward businesses, corporations and organisations that undertake to offer skills development to their employees, and their local communities with tax rebates.


Further and Adult Education


1. We will ensure that everyone has the opportunity to upskill and retrain at any point in their lives by introducing lifelong education in Further Education colleges.

2. Land Party will build the skills and training sector which provides learners and employers the consistency they need to assess quality training.

3. The Land Party will ensure there is enough budget to increase teacher numbers in the public sector and also to empower teachers by offering scholarships for teachers to further their studies abroad.

4. We will improve access to career advice and open up a range of routes through which people can gain both technical and soft skills, as well a work experience, for a range of industries.

5. We will invest in the facilities and teachers needed to enable public schools to be able to deliver adult and vocational education.

6. All scholars will receive an in-depth psychological assessment in Grade 9 in order for them to have the information they need when thinking about a career path.

7. We will introduce an Education Maintenance Allowance for 16 to 18-year-olds based on household income.

8. We will improve the quality and consistency of education in the further and adult education sector by encouraging cooperation and leadership across colleges.

9. We will set a target, and allocate the necessary budget, for all teaching staff to have the necessary teaching qualifications within five years.

10. We will extend support for teacher training to teachers in the private sector.

11. We will increase capital investment to ensure that colleges are equipped to deliver quality education and an official pre-apprenticeship trainee programme.

12. We will put controls in place to ensure that every apprenticeship is of a high quality.

13. We will establish the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education to monitor and report on the quality outcomes of completed apprenticeships.

14. We will mandate the institute to ensure employers have access to skilled workers and that there are real jobs for apprentices once they have completed their training.

15. We will work with the devolved administrations to improve the introduction of the skills levy.

16. We will set a target to double the number of completed apprenticeships at NQF level 5 by 2025.

17. We will set targets to increase apprenticeships for people with disabilities, care givers, veterans, women, LGBTQI, and people with disabilities in all sectors.

18. It will no longer be compulsory to take Afrikaans as a second language. A second language will still be compulsory but scholars will be able to choose from any of the official languages offered in their area.

19. Life Orientation will become a very important subject that will continue to be compulsory. Scholars will learn life skills like conflict resolution, diversity training, and leadership training in this subject.

20. Arts and Culture must be brought back into the education system.

21. The curriculum and teaching methods must be reviewed by a specialised education team with the mandate to adapt the education system to suit the needs of the modern world.

22. Scholars must be taught in their home language.




1. We will provide officers, community support officers, and civilian staff with the equipment, training, and people they need to provide effective policing services in their neighbourhoods, including from the growing threat of cybercrime.

2. We will champion community policing policies and incentivise good policing practice.

3. We will devise programmes to eliminate institutional biases against specific communities.

4. We will recruit 10,000 more police officers every year, for the next 10 years.

5. We will ensure that all police officers are well-trained, healthy and fit for the job.

6. All police officers will regularly be psychologically evaluated and do psychometric tests.

7. We will ensure that every neighbourhood in the country has a high police presence.

8. We will ensure appropriate support is provided to victims of crime and introduce legislation for minimum standard entitlements to service criminal justice agencies.

9. We will emphasise the safety of women and girls and set new standards for tackling domestic and sexual violent crimes.

10. We will establish a fund for women and children displaced by domestic violence.

11. We will ensure safety and financial stability for rape crisis centres.

12. We will make age-appropriate sex and relationship education a compulsory part of the educational curriculum so young people can learn about respectful relationships and conflict resolution.

13. We will introduce community resolutions as a response to domestic violence a first step to reduce domestic violent crimes.




1. The poor must be able to access the High Court, Supreme Court and Constitutional Court, without paying exorbitant amounts of money. As the things stand the poor people and the working class do not have access to the Highest Courts of the Land, only the rich can access justice not the poor.

2. Every citizen must appoint the legal practitioner of his or her choice and the state must cover all costs.

3. The Supreme Court of Appeal and the Constitutional Court must have branches in all 9 Provinces so that the poor can have easy access to its services.

4. The LAND Party is concerned about the independence of the judiciary, and the abuse of State Security Agencies like the police, intelligence and the army. The LAND Party believes South Africa needs a better transformed and independent Justice system, Intelligent agency, police and armed forces. The LAND Party believes in people-centred law enforcement, judiciary and intelligent agents. The LAND Party strongly believes that until the Justice system is fully transformed, we will continue being unequal before the law.

5. The LAND Party believes that the judiciary is not yet captured but the party is concerned about the NPA. The LAND Party believes that the NPA is compromised and it cannot discharge its mandate objectively.

6. The LAND Party believes the public must be given an opportunity to vote for judges, instead of judges being by the president. The LAND Party believes the rebellion of Zuma against the constitutional court judges is because Zuma appointed certain judges including the Chief Justice for them to defend him in his political battles and it is for this reason that the former president Jacob Zuma is able undermine the constitution and doesn't understand when the same judges are not returning his favours.

7. The LAND Party proposes a new system of nominating and appointing judges through voting by the people. e.g., When a judge is be required, people will nominate candidates, those with high numbers of votes will be voted for by the public through strict voting system and the adjudication panel for nominations will be made up of a representative from each official political party. This voting for the judiciary must be facilitated by the administrators of the constitutional court as it cannot be handled by the IEC because the IEC is not independent, as many people think.




1. The LAND Party encourages use of traditional medicines and research, development, and cultivation of plants used in traditional medicine must be prioritised.

2. The LAND Party strongly believes in the decriminalization of Cannabis. Our people must be allowed to participate in the production of cannabis and other derived products without any licensing whatsoever.

3. There must be a cannabis quality control board which grades the cannabis produced by any citizen.

4. The poor communities must be empowered to maximise the economic power of Cannabis as a source of food, medication, oil, butter, muffins and the wide range of hemp products.

5. The use of traditional plants must be promoted to enrich the health of people from poor communities. The use of Eucalyptus during the Coronavirus pandemic showed us that people cannot survive without plants. Eucalyptus oil and tea is in the centre of minimizing the symptoms arising from coronavirus.

6. We need to teach people about the importance of plants and how they must be preserved to help humans.

7. We see the Pelargonium plant which is used to produce cough syrups. These plants are all growing and being harvested in poor communities. The LAND Party must assist poor communities to benefit economically from the natural resources found in their lands.

8. South Africa needs tighter patent laws to protect indigenous knowledge systems (IKS).

9. The LAND Party believes there is enough wealth for everyone in our country without stepping on each other's toes or causing unnecessary economic distress by fighting over slogans and political ideologies while the poor people are suffering.

10. The LAND Party will work with companies like AgriSA and many South African farm owners to develop and invest in poor communities by means of agricultural corporations. The LAND Party will engage farmers to transfer skills to the poor communities and invest in farming projects as the Department of Agriculture is not doing its work properly.

11. The LAND Party recognises plants as valuable as minerals resources like diamonds, gold, platinum etc. There is no reason for rural communities to depend on social grants while they are surrounded by plants that can help their communities to eradicate poverty.

12. The use of Sea moss and kelp for medical benefits must also be promoted. The LAND Party wants people to be educated about the healthy nutrients and benefits of the sea moss in boosting your immune system and use for dermatological treatments.




1. The LAND Party encourages science that is people driven and people focused. The LAND Party encourages people to study science for their benefit and for self-development.

2. Science must be used for economic development, to improve overall health of communities, and to ensure optimal health of all citizens. For safety and security all research and development must be scrutinized by an oversight committee so as not to be exploited by philanthropists who are using it for selfish gains by undermining and violating human rights and to orchestrate population control.

3. The LAND Party encourages people to use alternative methods to fight the pandemic rather than rely on vaccines. The LAND Party won't influence scientists nor undermine their space to fight the coronavirus pandemic, but the party won't promote or endorse any

particular vaccine to the people, people must be allowed to make their own decisions. This does not mean that the party will entertain conspiracy theorists who are pushing their selfish agendas using the vaccine.

4. The LAND Party’s position is that the use of vaccines must be the individual’s choice. The party will actively encourage people to strengthen their immune systems by means of using multivitamins such as Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin B complex, Vitamin E, Omega tablets, ACC 200, Vitamin E, Zinc, Eucalyptus tea, and Ivermectin for human use (once it has been approved in South Africa).

5. The LAND Party also advises South Africans who want to be vaccinated to demand Sputnik V vaccine from Russia as it is an orthodox vaccine and anti-establishment, developed with no interference from the likes of the Gates Foundation or other philanthropi capitalists.

6. The LAND Party wants South Africa to develop its own vaccines without the intervention of foreign authorities. The LAND Party strongly believes that South Africa is capable of developing clinical trials and testing the efficacy of developed vaccines.

7. The LAND Party also proposes the establishment of a Permanent Pandemic Task Team to advise on future infectious diseases and pandemics.

8. the LAND Party supports strengthening research on Zoonotic diseases and more focus on the One Health concept. The party suggests funding for this research and development should come from the wine industry, SAB and other stakeholders. In return, those funding PPTT will receive 3 months tax breaks annually.

9. The Party proposes increasing capacity through training of young people in vaccine development and administration.




1. The LAND Party advocates that SABC proudly promotes South African products, local content, and traditional native educational programs.

2. Businesses must be encouraged to use local languages in their communications and marketing strategies and those who invest in indigenous languages will be rewarded with discounted advertising rates on SABC TV and radio stations to market their products and businesses.

3. The LAND Party advocates for a People's Stock Exchange that allows small businesses to trade freely alongside big companies.

4. The LAND Party welcomes the African Free Trade agreement signed by the heads of African States. The LAND Party wants the government to assist small businesses to

market their products in the continent, by establishing an African Free Market television corporation being established and financed by the African States. The channel must actively promote African trade and make it easy for all Africans to see what products each country has to offer the people of the continent.

5. The LAND Party further encourages communities to introduce farmstalls and bazaars to sell their goods on weekends in a local marketplace. The LAND Party encourages South Africans to start taking over shops by foreign nationals and partner with foreign nationals instead of renting out their homes and properties to foreign nationals to open businesses.

6. The LAND Party believes business partnership by locals and foreign nationals will empower locals to start working for themselves without looking for employment and job opportunities. This partnership will not just empower locals but will end the growing culture of xenophobia in our communities.




1. The LAND Party promotes religious and cultural tolerance.

2. There must be no religion, belief, or spiritual culture that is exclusively practiced or promoted in public institutions. The people must exercise maximum tolerance by respecting those who share different religions, cultures, and spiritual beliefs.

3. Public office bearers, Judiciary, Parliament, and other government institutions must be religious free-zones, meaning no religious practices.

4. During government gatherings there must zero tolerance of religion, spiritual beliefs and culture.

5. The LAND Party proposes that the constitution becomes the Bible, Quran and Torah of the nation in all government departments, gatherings and platforms. All citizens must preach the constitution as the Supreme book of the Land.




1. The LAND Party promotes environmentalism, nature, and prosperity.

2. The LAND Party advocates that people must friends of the nature and protect the environment as the party believes that there's no people without nature and there's no nature without people.

3. The LAND Party encourages communities to each have recycle plants and grow upcycling economies.

4. The ocean must be protected and no food, drink, or other litter generating products must be brought near the ocean or public beaches.

5. The LAND Party encourages organic food and all companies that sell organic foods or products be incentivised by the State by means of lowering tax.

6. The LAND Party asks Elon Musk to come and invest in his homeland and transfer skills to the people of South Africa. He should be given a piece of land, free water, and electricity in exchange. Tesla must produce vehicles that will be affordable to the people of South Africa and produce those cars with proudly South African steel and iron, in South Africa.

7. The LAND Party proposes that environmental studies be taught at an early age in schools and be made compulsory together with Mathematics, Science, Physics, and Biology.




1. The LAND Party proposes that fishing be made compulsory in fishing communities so that it serves as a source of food, making a living, and community development.

2. The LAND Party calls for decriminalization of Abalone poaching and for abalone to be a source of wealth for communities. Each community where Abalone is found must own an Abalone farm that will cater the needs of the local communities.

3. All citizens in fishing communities must be granted fishing permits and undergo aqua studies to understand how to preserve the ocean and its mineral resources.

4. All Aqua-farms must give 50% of their profit to the local communities or give scholarships to the children of the surrounding communities to study Aqua-studies.

5. Each household in a fishing community must have a fishing permit for all fishes or creatures in the Ocean.




1. The LAND Party will work with all forward-thinking leaders of different political parties who share common interests with the LAND Party as an organization.

2. The LAND Party will only work with opposition parties to remove the sitting government. The Land Party will not comprise itself and work with a government which starve its people and steals from the poor.

3. The LAND Party will never work with parties who undermine human rights, justice, and equality.

4. The LAND Party will always put the interests of the people above of the party interests.

5. The LAND Party will always use the principle of the enemy of my enemy is my friend and that there is no one who is above the will of the people.

6. The LAND Party will consider a coalition with another party if it meets the following requirements:

● A party with a majority that needs the LAND Party to govern.

● The credibility and the track record of the party that needs a coalition with the LAND Party.

● A party with common interests and which values mutual respect.

● People must come before politics.




1. The LAND Party suggests Police Villages are built for the safety of our brothers and sisters in blue. The LAND Party believes that police officers and their families must be accommodated in safe Police Villages and the house must belong to the police officers and their families.

2. The introduction of police villages will minimize corruption within the South African Police Services. Police officers will not be soft on drug kingpins and gangsters because they want to assure their safety and securities of their families.

3. Every South African must undergo police training, become a police officer, and learn to handle a firearm. The LAND Party wants all South Africans to be able to write a statement so that official police officers simply need to double check if the statement is properly written.

4. A citizen must be able to make a citizen’s arrest and hand the person over for official police officers to detain the suspect in holding cells.

5. The LAND Party calls for the building of glass police stations where the public can be able to see activities that happen inside police stations.

6. Repeat offenders must be denied parole and community supervision.

7. Rape, robbery, and murder offenders must not be eligible for parole but serve their full sentence behind bars.

8. The LAND Party disagrees with second punishment of a criminal record for offenders. Criminal records must remain within the police department and criminal Justice system but not be used to prevent people from working for their country. Therefore, the LAND Party call for the scrapping of criminal records to curb recidivism.

9. The LAND Party calls for a victim’s grant should the primary breadwinner be incarcerated due to criminal activities.

10. The LAND Party calls for the families of offenders to feed their family members during their incarceration so as not to be a burden on tax payers.

11. The LAND Party calls for no prosecution of minor crimes like shoplifting and other economic crimes if there is no bodily harm involved.




1. The LAND Party calls for the introduction of visa-free travel in Africa for all highly skilled Africans and those who are trading within the continent.

2. No semi-skilled workers from Europe, or any other part of the world, including Africa, must be allowed to enter our country for semi-skilled work.

3. No foreign national (Foreign national means people who are not South African citizens, may compete with locals for cleaning jobs and other general workers.

4. 90% of employees of any company or organisation must be local. The remaining 10% can accommodate African migrants, and asylum seekers from the continent.

5. All people from the Niger Delta and other parts of the continent seeking asylum must be granted citizenship and become permanent residents in our country.

6. No Somalian, Ethiopian or any other African citizen who is in the country because of asylum can own 100% shares in a shop or business. They must form a 50% partnership with locals to curb xenophobic attacks. The LAND Party encourages locals to work closely with fellow Africans so that skills can be transferred.

7. South Africa must give citizenship to those with a lot of money who want to stay and build properties in South Africa or invest their money in our country on condition that they are not going to buy second hand properties but build new properties.

8. The LAND Party advocate one Africa through a Federal State system. The LAND Party believes this can be achieved without opening borders but through securing African safety and stability.

9. The LAND Party advocates that people must benefit from the wealth of our continent without leaving their homes, culture and their families.

10. The LAND Party also calls on Zimbabweans not to relax in South Africa but to mobilize against the removal of the corrupt ZANU PF. The party believes that Zimbabweans must

be assisted to topple the tyrannic government of Zimbabwe and the party calls on Africans to work together to get rid of African dictatorships and inept governments.

11. The LAND Party also call for Zimbabweans, Malawians, and others from the SADAC region to refuse to be used by their racist employers against South African citizens as this contributes to unnecessary xenophobic attacks.




1. The LAND Party wants South Africa to reduce the importing of goods and increase exports.

2. The LAND Party will review trade deals made by South Africa with all its trading partners including its BRICS partners.

3. The LAND Party wants to renegotiate South Africa's trade agreements with its trading partners as the party believes that South Africa does not benefit with the current trading agreements but is being robbed.

4. The LAND Party advocates for fair trade agreements with all partners and trade reviews for its trading partners. The LAND Party believes that South Africa's trade partners rob the country of its wealth and the people of South Africa do not benefit.

5. Small businesses must be at the centre of fair trade, particularly those who are selling locally produced products.

6. There will be heavy taxes on the importation of food and goods, like textiles, that can be manufactured in South Africa.

7. LAND Party will support and promote the manufacturing and export of hemp products.




1. The LAND Party must not promote race-based policies but rather those of communism and a people-centred approach. However, the party must not neglect the fact that the majority of previously disadvantaged are the native African people and the party must always uphold them as the custodians and the beneficiaries of South Africa's wealth.

2. The LAND Party must not abandon the ideals of Socialism and Communism as the party it is a communist party and advocates for workers’ and the destitute masses ideals.

3. The LAND Party’s ideological concept is pro poor upliftment, through a capable socialist government.

4. The LAND Party must instil socialist values and Communism in line with South Africa's needs and characteristics.

5. The LAND Party is a pragmatic organization with the clear agenda for People's dictatorship. Simply, this means a People centred government. Our approach is a bottom-up approach where our interests are those of the destitute, working class and the poor people of South Africa so they can benefit from the wealth of South Africa through sharing and collectivist approach.

6. The LAND Party discourages consumerism and promotes self-sustainability and self-reliance.


The LAND Party Policy Document 2021 – Adopted on 6th February 2021
“Eat The Rich” 2021 VOTE LAND