Join Land Party

Why become a member?

Any forward-thinking South African worker, member of the armed forces, intellectual, or person from any other social strata who has reached the age of eighteen and who accepts the Land Party’s program and Constitution and is willing to join and work actively in one of the Land Party’s organisations, carry out the Party’s resolutions, and pay regular membership dues may apply for membership to the LAND PARTY of South Africa.

Land Party members shall enjoy the right to:


  • Attend relevant Land Party meetings, read relevant Land Party documents, and benefit from Land Party education and training. 

  • Participate in discussion on questions concerning Land Party policy at Land Party meetings and in Land Party newspapers and periodicals. 

  • Make suggestions and proposals regarding the work of the Land Party. 

  • Offer well-founded criticism at Land Party meetings of any Land Party organisation or any member; responsibly expose or report to the Land Party any disciplinary or legal violation by any Land Party organisation or member; demand disciplinary action be brought against a member known to have violated discipline or the law; and call for the dismissal or replacement of any incompetent cadre. 

  • Participate in voting and stand for election. 

  • Be present and plead their case at discussions held by Land Party organisations to decide on disciplinary action to be taken against them or to appraise their work and behavior; other Party members may also bear witness or argue on their behalf. 

  • Make a statement of reservation and present their views to a Land Party organisation at a higher level, up to and including the Central Committee, in case of disagreement with a Land Party resolution or policy, on the condition that they resolutely implement the resolution or policy in question while it is in force. 

  • Submit a request, appeal, or accusation to a higher-level Land Party organisation, up to and including the Central Committee, and request that the organisation concerned issues an accountability reply. No Land Party organisation at any level, including the Central Committee, has the right to deprive a Land Party member of the aforementioned rights. 

Joining Process 


Read the Membership Declaration.

Complete and Submit the online Membership Form.

Select a Payment Method that suits you.


Membership Declaration

It is my will to join the Land Party of South Africa, uphold the Land Party's program, observe the provisions of the Land Party Constitution, fulfill the obligation of a Party Member, carry out the Land Party's decisions, strictly observe Land Party discipline, Protect Land Party secrets, be loyal to the Land Party, work hard, fight for Land for the rest of my life, always be prepared to sacrifice my all for the Land Party and the people of my country and never betray the Land Party.



Submit Membership Form 



Pay Your Membership Fee

Once you have submitted your membership form to join the LAND PARTY, here are some ways you can pay your membership fees:


Choose your Membership Category and Pay online with PayFast.

Students & Unemployed

Annual fee


Working Class

Annual fee


Loyal Membership

*Includes membership to Land Party Youth League, Women's League or Military Wing.

Per month


Business Membership

*Includes membership to Land Party Youth League, Women's League or Military Wing.

Per month


Alternative Payment Methods

At the bank
  1. Download and print the attached form.

  2. Fill out the form and make a deposit at your nearest FNB branch.

  3. Take a photo of the stamped deposit slip and send it to 082 336 4295.

Contact Us

Send us a message if you need assistance and a local Land Party representative will contact you to arrange an alternative payment arrangement.